Smile of Angkor
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Smile of Angkor

Smile of Angkor Show

Take in the Smile of Angkor show and discover Cambodia's cultural heritage with a breath taking mix of traditional music, dazzling dances, and enchanting tales. After enjoying a diverse and delicious buffet dinner, sit back and see 6 stunning acts that illuminate this country's striking history.
Arrive at the Smile Angkor Grand Theatre and indulge in a delectable buffet dinner that offers a wide selection of local and international dishes. Then sit back and ready yourself for the Smile of Angkor performance. Split into 6 acts, the show takes you on a journey through the historic city of Angkor.
Begin with "Dialogue with God," where a child full of questions travels through time to the mysterious city of Angkor. Next, learn about the history of Cambodian civilization and folklore in "Glorious Kingdom" before you witness the "Churning the Sea of Milk" dance, which depicts a war between the devas (gods) and the asuras (demons) fighting for Amrita, the Elixir of Life.